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Your Lawyer Makes A Difference

Why Your Lawyer Makes A Difference:

  1. The Law Offices of Anthony N. Palumbo is comprised of experienced New Jersey criminal defense attorneys who care about each client.
  2. The attorneys understand that not only does the accused suffer from the consequences of a criminal charge, but family members suffer as well.
  3. We employ only the most experienced and affordable criminal defense lawyers who will fight to protect all your rights.
  4. Concentration in defending criminal charges, New Jersey juvenile court charges and municipal court charges, the attorneys are constantly prepared.
  5. Anthony N. Palumbo, Esq., has more than 37 years established developing working relationships with both Prosecutors and Judges, and experience in working within the court system. He most frequently will obtain a maximum favorable result for all our clients.
  6. We can and will assist you with bail and bail reductions and we have frequently obtained ROR releases (release without bail on the defendants promise to appear in court voluntarily) for many of our firm.
  7. We will assist clients in obtaining sentence modifications and alternatives to jail such as:
    • Work Release
    • County Jail
    • House Arrest
    • Alcohol and Drug Rehabilitation
    • Other Alternative Sentencing Programs

We will provide representation to defendants throughout the State of New Jersey.

We are also available to assist out of state residents with criminal matters in the State of New Jersey such as outstanding warrants in criminal cases, municipal court cases and probation violations.

Everyone is affected in some way by criminal and municipal court charges. If you have been accused of a crime or a municipal court offense, it is important that you thoroughly understand your rights and obtain legal representation to defend you.

From the simplest to the most complex New Jersey criminal case, there are numerous procedures that must be handled by an experienced criminal defense lawyer.

If you are not careful in selecting your lawyer, your rights may be violated or taken away.

Call Anthony N. Palumbo, Esq. at 908-643-6801 today.

*Servicos del interprete disponibles – Translation services in Spanish are available