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How to Avoid Getting a Speeding Ticket

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When most people are running late they tend to speed. To protect yourself and your insurance premiums, you need to avoid getting stopped by the police.

The following suggestions may save you a lot of money and aggravation:


Police are more likely to notice a car that has problems such as a broken tail light, a headlight that is burned out, tape over a broken window or a missing license plate. Take the time to fix these inexpensive repairs on your car. Replacing a bulb for your tail light is under $5.00. Save yourself hundreds of dollars and more later.


If you want to make yourself less noticeable by the police, then avoid driving more expensive or flashy cars. Don’t drive around with your music blasting so loud that you become less avoidable to the police. Keep a low profile.


It is very foolish to pass a police car and always try to stay in the right traffic lane whenever possible. If you stick out by driving faster than the general flow of traffic or weave in and out passing cares, you will draw police attention.


While driving, it’s a good idea to check your rear-view mirror often. Try to locate possible spots ahead of you where a police car might be hiding. Always slow down when the truckers do, they have more experience locating patrol cars.


It won’t help you to avoid a speeding ticket with “No Donut” or “Bad Cop” stickers on your window. Having a Police Benevolent Association sticker doesn’t give you a pass to speed either.


Find out if your driving record is correct, you can request information form the state’s Motor Vehicle Department, check to see if you got convicted for one more violation that you would be requested to have a suspension hearing.