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Point Pleasant

Point Pleasant Criminal Defense and Municipal Court Lawyer
Point Pleasant Beach Drug Attorney

When Summertime Turns Into Jail Time

The summer is a wonderful and memorable time for young people, but it shouldn’t be memorable for the wrong reasons.

Summer nights can easily lead to charges of DUI/DWI, Public Urination, Nudity, or Property Damage. In addition to the penalties imposed by the court, a conviction can make it difficult for you to obtain a job, get into college, or maintain your independence if your license is suspended. My name is Anthony N. Palumbo, a former prosecutor and a partner in the firm of The Law Offices of Anthony N. Palumbo. I am an aggressive and experienced lawyer, and I have helped thousands of young people downgrade or dismiss charges against them.

Don’t let one lapse in judgment destroy a clean record. Contact me today for a free initial consultation, and I will be happy to answer any questions you may have. I represent clients throughout New Jersey including the towns of Point Pleasant, Seaside Heights , and Belmar. While it cannot replace the priceless role an attorney can play in your case, it should answer some of your immediate questions by helping you understand the local laws of Point Pleasant, and discussing some common violations among young people.

Understanding the Local laws in Point Pleasant

Did you know that getting into trouble at Point Pleasant Beach can result in penalties under different two sets of laws: (1) the laws of New Jersey; and (2) the local laws of Point Pleasant Beach.

Common Charges against Young People

DUI/DWI is a common offense among young people during the summer months that can result in serious consequences such as heavy fines, jail time, higher insurance premiums, and driver’s license suspension or revocation. You can be charged with a DUI/DWI if you are driving with an alcohol blood content (BAC) of .08 or higher, or if you are driving under the influence of drugs. An attorney may be able to downgrade your penalties, have the evidence thrown out of court if the arresting officers violated your constitutional rights or dismiss all charges if the state cannot prove their case.

A good attorney will do his best to have your charges dismissed or obtain the lightest penalty possible given the circumstances of your case. You do not want a criminal record or trouble with the law. Do not hesitate to contact me today for a free consultation to discuss your questions and concerns about your case.

In addition to DUI/DWI, I defend many other charges. Other common offenses among you people during the summer include:

  • Fighting
  • Dangerous Activity
  • Disorderly Conduct
  • Property Damage
  • Possession of an Open Container of Alcohol
  • Public Consumption
  • Eluding Arrest
  • Any other Traffic offenses
  • Parking offenses
  • Indecent Exposure

If you have been charged with the any of the above offenses, don’t hesitate to call. Let’s talk about your case and any possible defenses you may have. Discussing the possibilities of your case with an experienced attorney should put your mind at ease.

I am Anthony N. Palumbo, an experienced and aggressive criminal and municipal defense lawyer, and I represent clients in counties throughout New Jersey, including Monmouth, Atlantic, Ocean, Cape May, and the towns of Seaside Heights, Belmar and Point Pleasant.