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Could Tony Stewart be charged with a crime in driver's death?

The story of NASCAR driver Tony Stewart reportedly hitting and killing another driver with his car has been a sad and puzzling event. The 20-year-old driver had reportedly been run into a wall during a race on a dirt track in upstate New York, less than a day before a NASCAR event at Watkins Glen. A video shows the driver angrily exiting his disabled car in an apparent attempt to confront Stewart.

Ray Rice apologizes for assault on his wife

Baltimore Ravens running back Ray Rice stood stoically before a throng of media yesterday. He reportedly took a deep breath and began to speak about what he described as the biggest mistake of his life. Rice was arrested in February for allegedly assaulting his then fiancée. (The two have since married). The grainy images of Rice dragging an unconscious woman from an elevator in an Atlantic City hotel has sparked a firestorm of controversy.

How the recent Supreme Court ruling could affect you

In a prior post, we highlighted the U.S. Supreme Court’s landmark decision regarding the search of cellular phones and electronic tablets. Essentially, police had been conducting unauthorized searches of these devices upon arresting a suspect, and using the information to link them to other, unrelated crimes that were generally much more serious than the crime they were originally arrested for.

Man suspended from teaching job after sexual assault charge

It can be difficult to remember in some cases that people who have been accused of crimes are not automatically guilty of them. They have the right to present a defense against the criminal charges they face, regardless of the kind of charges they are or the media attention surrounding them.

Former Rutgers football player OK'd for diversion program

It's important for New Jersey residents to know that being charged with a serious crime is not the end of the world. Even in the face of seemingly definitive evidence, with the right legal advice, people facing serious criminal charges may be able to avoid a jail sentence -- and, in some cases, have their arrest record fully expunged if they meet certain conditions.

Conviction shows there's no such thing as a free lunch

There are many ways to incur the wrath of the justice system in New Jersey. And being charged with state crimes is one thing, but being accused of crimes relating to federal programs is another one entirely. Criminal charges brought against a public official who is accused of fleecing may come with penalties that are quite severe -- arguably more severe than the gains from such illicit behavior.

Charges dropped after dash cam footage shows police brutality

"The camera doesn't lie." In this age of digital image alteration, this adage does not always apply. But when it comes to dashboard cameras, sometimes the objectivity of the video footage contradicts the false claims of the police, causing criminal charges against a suspect to be dropped.

Charge dropped against teacher accused of sex with adult student

A New Jersey high school teacher who faced a criminal charge for having a sexual relationship with one of his students had the charge dropped early in February. The judge ruled that the relationship, while perhaps unacceptable socially, was not illegal, because the student was 18 years old at the time.

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