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What are common drunk driving defenses?

There's so many ways that a false drunk driving charge can happen. In fact, criminal law judges are fully aware that police can make mistakes when arresting and accusing a driver of being intoxicated behind the wheel. For this reason, every driver accused of DUI will have the opportunity to defend him or herself against the allegations.

Drunk droning and the rise of drone crimes in New Jersey

Drone pilots in New Jersey may want to heed some advice — don't drink and drone. There could be serious legal consequences if authorities discover that you have been operating your drone while drunk including arrest, fines and possible jail time.

How to prevent drunk driving arrests

If you want to prevent you and your friends from getting arrested for drunk driving, the primary thing you'll need to do is to prevent people from getting behind the wheel after drinking alcohol. Although this might seem easy enough, anyone who has been to a party where drinking is involved knows that preventing drunk driving is easier said than done.

Think your body can handle 2 beers before driving? Think again

There's a myth among drivers that they can drink a couple beers on a full stomach, drink a coffee and be ready to rock-and-roll behind the wheel of an automobile. However, this is a myth and it's simply not true. The only way that New Jersey drivers can virtually guarantee that they don't get charged with a DUI is to avoid drinking any amount of alcohol before driving.

Drunk driver sentenced to 21 years in prison after killing 3

An accusation of drunk driving that's connected to a fatal car accident is a very serious matter. In fact, if convicted of causing death in a DUI-related crash, drivers could face criminal punishments that involve decades spent behind bars. Sadly, this is precisely what happened in the criminal proceedings related to a DUI crash that happened in 2015.

Defense options in a DUI trial

All New Jersey drunk driving defendants have the legal right to defend themselves in court against the allegations being brought against them. The decision to defend oneself will largely rest on the facts and evidence the prosecution is bringing forward. If the facts and evidence are strongly against the defendant, for example, he or she might want to try to negotiate a plea bargain.

Dealing with a drunk driving license suspension

If you've had your driver's license suspended due to drunk driving, you are face-to-face with the reality of how important motor vehicle travel is for people living in the United States. Without a car, you can't get to work, you can't get your children to school, you can't go grocery shopping and there's so much more that you can't do. Granted, you could ride a bus, but this will likely waste hours and hours of your time waiting on the side of curb for the bus to eventually show up.

Man settles with New Jersey town over an allegedly false arrest

Not all DUI arrests are appropriate. Some drivers are arrested and accused of drunk driving in New Jersey when they did not even drink a drop of alcohol. For example, if a police driver pulls you over, he or she might mistake your tired, bloodshot eyes for being a sign that you were drinking. Or, the officer might mistake a common speech impediment for being slurred drunken speech. These might result in an inappropriate arrest and DUI allegations.

Authorities in New Jersey plan for a major drunk driving crusade

The "Drive Sober or Get Pulled Over" DUI campaign will begin on Aug. 18 and affect the entire state of New Jersey through Sept. 4. State and local law enforcement officials will be out in force, setting up drunk driving checkpoints and roving patrols designed to look for and arrest impaired drivers.

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