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The trouble with drug-impaired driving allegations

New Jersey, like many states, allows marijuana use for some medical reasons. The practice is strictly controlled. While social attitudes regarding marijuana seem to be relaxing, state laws are in flux and marijuana is still illegal under federal law.

Drunk driving arrests down due to free ride program in NJ town

One year after a drunk driving program providing free rides home for inebriated revelers was introduced, police in Evesham Township have credited the scheme with a 15% decrease in DUI arrests.

Is drunk driving a criminal offense in New Jersey?

Drunk driving laws in New Jersey differ from the vast majority of the country. A DUI is considered both a traffic violation and a criminal offense in most states, and can be charged as a misdemeanor or felony depending on numerous contributing factors.

DUIs demand personalized defenses that are based on the case

In our previous blog post, we discussed boating under the influence and how that charge can have a significant impact on your life. The same is true for all drunk driving cases. We know that you might not be sure where to turn right now. You are facing serious charges that can strip away your ability to legally drive, your freedom and your financial security. That is a worrisome place to be in.

Drugs and driving don't mix

When you operate a motor vehicle, you need to be aware of what is happening on the roadways around your vehicle. You also need to be able to react appropriately when there is an obstacle or something else that requires you to take action. Using drugs before you drive carries the possibility that you won't be able to react in a safe manner. That is the reason why New Jersey and other states have made driving under the influence of drugs an illegal act.

Know how implied consent can affect your rights

When you decide to drive in New Jersey, you are actually agreeing to more than what you might realize. You probably know that you must drive in a safe manner and abide by all laws that pertain to driving. What you might not realize is that by driving in this state, you are agreeing that you will take a Breathalyzer test when you are asked to do so by a law enforcement officer. This is because of the concept of implied consent.

Can a DUI affect my ability to get a job?

A DUI conviction does not only have criminal consequences for drivers, it can also have severe career consequences. For individuals who work in the public sector and other types of professional positions, a DUI arrest could result in immediate termination from their jobs. In other cases, a DUI conviction, could result in a black mark on a professional's record that could follow the person for years.

Boating and alcohol consumption can lead to criminal charges

With the nice weather that we are having now and will likely have throughout the summer, people are enjoying spending time out on the water. Now is a perfect time for everyone who plans on spending time out on the water to remember that operating any watercraft after consuming alcohol can lead to serious criminal charges. In some cases, doing so can also lead to accidents that cause injuries or fatalities.

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