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Marijuana Traffic Stop

Please note: New Jersey voted in favor of legalizing marijuana in the November 2020 election. However, legislation is still developing. If you are facing marijuana charges, it is crucial that you secure an attorney immediately to look after your rights. Call 908-643-6801 or contact us online to discuss your case.

Many of my clients have faced charges for Possession of drugs in a car, and I have a 99% dismissal rate on these charges. In Union County, driving with marijuana carries 6 months in prison, $1,000 in fines, 2-year license suspension, and license points. One of the easiest ways to beat these marijuana charges is by proving that the marijuana traffic stop was improper. I have a solid history of eliminating charges in traffic stop cases so my clients face no jail time, $200 in fines, no license points, and no license suspension! This is what I can do for you. I defend marijuana charges throughout New Jersey including the towns in Union County, Linden, Cranford, Roselle, Elizabeth, Roselle Park, Westfield, Rahway, Clark, Mountainside, Garwood, and Scotch Plains.

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How to Eliminate your Charge

I love to win and never settle for pleas unless it’s absolutely necessary, but it’s important to know when to negotiate and when to fight. Officer violations in traffic stops are a great way to beat charges, but can also be used to bargain penalties down to nothing. In order for the stop to be proper, police must have both the proper cause to pull you over and the proper cause to detain you.

Proper Cause to Pull You Over
Police must have a ‘reasonable articulable suspicion’ that you have violated the law in order to pull you over. The suspicion does not have to be drug related for a later drug arrest to occur. It can be as simple as a broken headlight. I spin facts to show there was no cause to conduct a stop, which means your rights have been violated, and evidence cannot be used at trial.

Proper Cause to Detain
Not only must the stop be proper, but once it occurs, if you provide the proper identification, license and registration, the officer cannot detain you for a search, unless there is evidence of criminal conduct. I have won countless cases by showing that the officer did not have evidence of criminal activity once the proper documentation was provided.

Union County Traffic Stop Attorney

How quickly you retain an attorney can separate your case from thousands. This is one thing that only you can do for your case. The time period immediately following arrest is the most important for eliminating and reducing charges. Take advantage of this by calling me immediately and make the difference. 908-643-6801 .

An Avid Attorney
When you walk into court, you need an attorney by your side who won’t take no for an answer, who commands respect in the courtroom, and has a solid history of powerful wins. At The Law Offices of Anthony N. Palumbo, I take on every case aggressively, thoroughly analyzing the evidence, and scrutinizing the facts to find loopholes in your case. I know that you expect results, and I expect to give them to you. Contact me today at 908-643-6801 for a free initial consultation.

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