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Marijuana Penalties & Fines

Please note: New Jersey recently voted to legalize recreational marijuana, but the law itself is still being written. If you are facing any marijuana-related criminal charges, we encourage you to call our office at 908-643-6801 or contact us online to discuss how the new law may affect your case.

If you were caught with marijuana in New Jersey, you may be facing more serious charges than you think. A minor marijuana possession charge can still get you a permanent criminal record, unless you have an experienced marijuana lawyer who knows how to fight your marijuana charge. I am Anthony N. Palumbo, a former county and municipal court prosecutor, and I know how to fight the prosecution to prevent you from getting a permanent criminal conviction. I can do this because I know firsthand how the prosecution works and thinks.

Standard Marijuana penalties and fines in New Jersey depend on whether the charge is for simple possession or drug distribution. I carefully analyze the facts to get the most favorable outcome for my clients. Sometimes this means the marijuana charges are dropped completely, and other times it means no jail time, exceptionally low fines and elimination of license suspension. If you have been charged, or received a ticket or summons for a Marijuana offense in Union County, you need a Marijuana defense lawyer who knows how to defend your charge to avoid a conviction. I will exhaust every angle of your case until we get the results you need to move forward with your life.

The law offices of Anthony N. Palumbo defends individuals charged with marijuana crimes throughout New Jersey in Middlesex County, Essex County, Union County including the towns of Elizabeth, Cranford, Linden, Westfield, Clark, Rahway, Roselle, Roselle Park, Plainfield, Mountainside, Scotch Plains and Garwood.

Call anytime day or night, 24/7, consultation by phone or in person, at your convenience.

Penalties for Simple Possession

Possession of 50 grams or less

  • Disorderly Persons Offense
  • Up to $1,000 in fines
  • Up to 6 months in prison
  • Marijuana residue, seeds and stems constitute possession of 50 grams or less.

Possession of more than 50 grams

  • 4th Degree Offense
  • Up to $25,000 in fines
  • Up to 18 months

Penalties for Marijuana Distribution

First Degree Crime
25 pounds or more of marijuana, or 50 or more plants
Second Degree Crime
5 to 25 pounds of marijuana, or between 10 to 49 plants,
Third Degree Crime
1 ounce to 5 pounds of marijuana
Fourth Degree Crime
Less than 1 ounce marijuana

Driver’s License Suspension

In addition to the above penalties, when a person is convicted of any marijuana charge, they will be subject to a mandatory driver’s license suspension for 6 months. However, the judge can waive the suspension if the defendant’s attorney can demonstrate that the suspension would cause a hardship. Only an experienced attorney knows how best to argue this point. This is one of the many things that I do for my clients to get them the results they need.

Drug Court & Alternative Sentencing

When a person is guilty of a marijuana crime, they may be eligible for alternative sentencing programs such as Drug court, pre-trial intervention or conditional discharge. Drug court is a program that admits non-violent drug offenders and provides a mix of judicial supervision and drug rehabilitation programs to help individuals who, but for their drug addiction, would not have broken the law. If a defendant qualifies, drug court may be attended in lieu of prison time, and it has a very high success rate of curing drug addicted individuals. For more information on whether you qualify for drug court, please visit my drug court page.

Hiring an Attorney

The standard penalties for a marijuana conviction can take a heavy toll on a person’s life, but rarely if ever, are these the penalties that my clients face . I have an incredible success rate reducing charges and penalties, or having them eliminated all together. I am a successful and well respected attorney in the community because I have a reputation of consistent favorable results and outcomes for clients built on the skill and more than 35 years trial experience.

If you have a need for legal representation, then you will want a competent and aggressive lawyer who takes pride in his relationship with the judges, prosecutors and police as a fair and honest attorney. Contact me today for a free initial consultation at 908-643-6801 by phone or in person. I will be happy to answer any questions you may have about your case.

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