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The Law Offices of Anthony N. Palumbo has more than 35 years of success defending individuals against municipal offenses in Middlesex County. If you have received a traffic summons or disorderly persons offense in Middlesex County, you need an attorney to defend your rights in a Middlesex Municipal Court.

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Getting To Know Middlesex Municipal Courts

In Middlesex County, there is one Middlesex County Court, one Middlesex County Administrative Building, one Family Law Courthouse, and 25 municipal courts. There are 25 municipal courts because there is one municipal court located in each municipality, and there are 25 municipalities in Middlesex County. If you would like general information about NJ municipal courts including information about your day in court, visit the New Jersey municipal court webpage at https://www.njcourts.gov/.

Municipal Courts In Middlesex County:

Carteret Municipal Court, Cranbury Township Municipal Court, Dunellen Municipal Court, East Brunswick Municipal Court, Edison Municipal Court, Helmetta Municipal Court, Piscataway Municipal Court, Highland Park Municipal Court, Jamesburg Municipal Court, Metuchen Municipal Court, Middlesex Municipal Court, Milltown Municipal Court, Monroe Municipal Court, New Brunswick Municipal Court, North Brunswick Municipal Court, Old Bridge Municipal Court, Perth Amboyway Municipal Court, Plainsboro Municipal Court, Sayreville Municipal Court, South Amboy Municipal Court, South Brunswick Municipal Court, South Plainfield Municipal Court, South River Municipal Court, Spotswood Municipal Court, and Woodbridge Municipal Court.

Municipal Court Jurisdiction

Municipal courts only have jurisdiction over offenses which take place in the boundaries of the municipality. For example, if you get a speeding ticket in Perth Amboy, your case will be heard in the Perth Amboy municipal court. Additionally, municipal courts only have jurisdiction over small offenses like traffic violations, disorderly persons offenses, and local ordinance violations. More serious offenses, like numbered crimes are heard in the Middlesex County Court.

For example, if a person is charged with 4th degree possession of marijuana in Middlesex County, the charge would be heard in Middlesex County Court, but if they are charged with possession of less than 50 grams of marijuana, a disorderly persons offense, then the charge will be heard in the Middlesex municipal court located in the municipality where the offense occurred. Small offenses heard in Middlesex Municipal Courts include:

Middlesex Municipal Lawyer

Even though municipal offenses are less serious than those heard in county court, the effects of a conviction or unfavorable ruling are longstanding and can inhibit a person’s lifestyle by preventing them from driving, obtaining employment, or even prevent entry into certain living communities. At The Law Offices of Anthony N. Palumbo, I am almost always able to prevent the negative effects which flow from these charges. Contact me today at my law offices for an absolutely Free Consultation at 1-866-664-8118. I will explain the charges you face and the various approaches that may lead to a dismissal. I encourage you not to plead guilty before discussing your rights with an experienced attorney. There is no obligation for a consultation.