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Arrest and Bench Warrants


NJ Arrest Warrant Lawyer

A bench warrant is a warrant for your arrest that has been issued because you failed to perform a legal obligation like paying ticket, paying a fine, or failing to appear in court. If a bench warrant has been issued for you, when the police find you, you will be arrested. At The Law Offices of Anthony N. Palumbo, I can seek a voluntary arrangement so that you can appear in court and resolve the issue without being arrested. I recently had a client who unknowingly had a bench warrant out for his arrest since 1997. I was able to resolve his charge without an arrest so that he could easily and quickly move forward with his life. If you think that you may have a bench warrant out for your arrest, contact me today for a free consultation at 908-643-6801 to discuss your situation freely and confidentially with an experienced attorney at no obligation. I have been practicing criminal law in New Jersey for over 35 years, and I am one of the foremost criminal litigators in Union County, New Jersey.

Just because you’ve been arrested on a bench warrant, does not mean you are required to speak with police. The same rights apply to someone arrested on a bench warrant as to anyone else who is arrested, and so does the same advice Never Speak to Police. No Matter What.

New Jersey Bench Warrant

A bench warrant is issued when a person fails to complete a legal obligation. When a bench warrant is issued, police are required to arrest the individual named in the warrant and bring them before the court to answer for what they’ve failed to do. The following is a list of reasons why a bench warrant may be issued:

  • You failed to make a scheduled appearance in court i.e. sentencing.
  • You failed to pay a fine i.e. custody or support payments.
  • You violated a court order i.e. failing to perform community service when required.

If you have a bench warrant issued on your behalf, I can seek a voluntary arrangement which will allow you to appear in court and resolve the situation without being arrested. It is important to note that if you do have a bench warrant out on your behalf and you appear in court, speak to the police, or consult authorities without consulting an attorney of your own, you can easily be arrested. There is no reason to subject yourself to this type of trouble or embarrassment when you can contact me for free at 908-643-6801 with no obligation.

Resolving Your Bench Warrant

I can resolve your bench warrant quickly and easily without leading to an embarrassing arrest. As a former county and municipal prosecutor, and a current public defender in addition to my private criminal practice, I have a vast amount of experience with bench warrants, and I know exactly how to present, litigate, and negotiate your situation to obtain the results you need. A bench warrant can stand without consequence for a long period of time, but eventually it will catch up to you. When it’s this easy to resolve, there is no reason to leave yourself hanging. Contact me today for a free consultation at 908-643-6801 with no obligation, and I will resolve your charge.

I defend individuals throughout New Jersey including:

  • Essex County
  • Hudson County
  • Middlesex County
  • Monmouth County
  • Union County

I defend clients in towns of Elizabeth, Berkeley Heights, Summit, New Providence, Clark, Fanwood, Cranford, Linden, Plainfield, Garwood, Mountainside, Rahway, Roselle Park, Roselle, and Scotch Plains.