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Baby left behind in New Jersey store after alleged stroller theft

Security camera footage and a social media post led to the arrest of two women alleged to have stolen a stroller from a high-end baby supply store in Middletown, New Jersey. The alleged theft occurred approximately a week and a half ago and appears to have involved three women who brought several children with them into the store. Security camera footage reveals one of the children wandering the store, left behind after the women's exit, and one of them returning briefly to the store to retrieve the child

What is kleptomania?

The crime of shoplifting isn't always cut and dry. While many people steal for personal gain, others do so because of an uncontrollable impulse. This is known as kleptomania, which is a condition that can result in legal problems as well as emotional ones. The Mayo Clinic offers the following information on kleptomania and what can be done to control it. 

Understanding under-ringing

Shopping in Cranford often seems to bring out many of our most primitive instincts. Chief among these is the desire to "hunt" for the best deals. Oftentimes, the best retail deals might come through your own personal connections. If, for example, you have a friend or acquaintance that works for a retailer, you might be able to leverage that relationship to save money off a purchase. Unfortunately, as some of those with whom we here at The Law Offices of Anthony N. Palumbo have worked with can attest to, some of these supposed deals can be too good to be true. 

My child is shoplifting, what can I do?

Finding out that your child is shoplifting can be very disheartening. Unfortunately, this is a common behavior in many children and it’s up to the parents to break the habit before severe consequences occur. offers the following advice on how you can address the topic of stealing with your child.

What can I do to prevent my child from shoplifting?

Shoplifting is a crime that can have serious repercussions. While teens may look at it as no big deal, an instance of shoplifting can follow a person for many years to come and may even have an academic or professional impact. If you have concerns about your child shoplifting, Family Circle offers the following advice.

What are the penalties for shoplifting?

Shoplifting in New Jersey can result in serious consequences, and anyone who is considering it needs to ask if it is really worth it. The penalties are dependent on the amount and value of merchandise that is taken, but even for low-dollar goods the perpetrator can face jail time and financial consequences.

Defining shoplifting in New Jersey

When most in Cranford hear that one has been arrested for shoplifting, they might immediately envision some teen being caught trying to sneak stuff out of a store in his or her backpack. This assumption is due to the fact that many view shoplifting as only being a juvenile crime. However, statistics show the exact opposite. According to the National Association for Shoplifting Prevention, 75 percent of those charged with shoplifting are adults. 

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