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Will New Jersey legalize marijuana?

Regardless of our personal opinions about the topic, legal marijuana appears to be taking the nation by storm. This is leading many community members in New Jersey -- including medical and recreational users of marijuana -- to wonder when our state might legalize the drug for wider use.

Who's allowed to take medical marijuana in New Jersey?

In the state of New Jersey, it's illegal to take marijuana for recreational purposes. However, in select cases, New Jersey residents can take marijuana to treat their medical conditions. For example, if you have a fatal condition that will lead to your death within 12 months, you can get permission to take marijuana without getting in trouble with the law.

What should I know about federal marijuana laws?

States across the nation are changing their attitudes and perceptions regarding marijuana. Numerous states have legalized marijuana for certain medical purposes. For example, New Jersey has legalized marijuana to treat the following illnesses:

The history of federal marijuana laws

The federal government first declared marijuana to be illegal during the 1930s. This illegality covered the sale, use and distribution of marijuana. Currently, marijuana continues to be illegal under federal law even though certain states have independently declared the drug to be legal for medical and/or recreational purposes.

What would legal marijuana look like in New Jersey?

Although Gov. Chris Christie has been adamant in his disapproval of legalizing marijuana for recreational purposes, Christie only has a few months remaining in his final term as governor. Also, a Senate committee recently discussed how the state might legalize and regulate the drug. Could New Jersey soon legalize marijuana?

Will legislators legalize recreational marijuana in New Jersey?

It might be hard to believe but a New Jersey resident gets arrested every 22 minutes -- on average -- for a marijuana crime. However, on May 15, legislators introduced a new bill that could make recreational marijuana legal if lawmakers pass it.

Failure to communicate could amount to waiving right to silence

A few months back, we offered up five facts every driver should know in the event of being pulled over by police for a traffic stop. The premise of that hypothetical was a stop for suspected drunk driving, but that's not the only situation in which the information could come in handy.

Is there any way to avoid trial on a marijuana charge?

Most individuals in New Jersey have never had to go before a judge to answer to any sort of charges. Most offenses tend to be minor ones, handled at the municipal court level. Crimes that are more serious get bumped up to criminal court. If you are facing allegations, minor or major, you need to take them seriously for the sake of your present and future.

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