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Drug Charges Archives

Were you accused of 1 of the following drug crimes?

The movement to decriminalize many kinds of drugs is gaining momentum throughout the United States, and it's beginning with marijuana. Numerous states have already created medical marijuana programs, and even recreational marijuana programs, that have made marijuana more widely available as a medicine and also as a recreational substance.

What's the punishment for marijuana possession in a school zone?

Imagine you're walking through your neighborhood one day while smoking a joint. You know it's unlawful to do so, but you also don't expect to get caught. The next thing you know, a school bus pulls up, drops some children off and then a police car races up alongside you with its sirens blaring.

DUI and doctor-prescribed drugs

Did your doctor legally prescribe you a prescription drug, and then you got arrested for possessing that drug? Imagine you were driving your vehicle in Union County, a police officer pulled over an officer found a bottle of Valium pills in your vehicle. The prescription label, however, had fallen off the bottle and the officer wrongly assumed you were in illegal possession of the drug.

New Jersey drug bust results in the arrest of 29 people

According to authorities, they have arrested 29 people in connection with a massive drug ring in New Jersey. Allegedly, the accused individuals were participating in a criminal enterprise that involved the trafficking of cocaine and heroin across multiple New Jersey towns.

What drug allegations do defense attorneys see most frequently?

Drug allegations are some of the most common types of crimes that New Jersey criminal defense attorneys help their clients navigate. When it comes to drug allegations, however, there are a lot of different kinds of legal violations of which a defendant could find him or herself being accused.

New Jersey police arrest 4 in alleged heroin bust

The New Jersey State Police intended to only arrest two men on drug charges related to heroin late last month. However, the investigation soon included the arrest of two more suspects. Police say that they seized two-and-a-half bricks of heroin in addition to other drug items.

What are the penalties for marijuana cultivation?

Marijuana continues to be illegal in the state of New Jersey, except for some limited medical applications. Even though other states have legalized the substance for recreational purposes, if you're caught with this plant on your person in New Jersey, you will face stiff legal consequences.

What's the implication of DOJ memo on federal drug cases?

Someone in New Jersey facing drug crime charges has a number of things to worry about. One major concern has to be about the nature of the case the government claims it has. Is the evidence solid or circumstantial? Is it even admissible in a court of law? These questions deserve answers and to be confident in the assessment of your case, it's wise to consult a skilled defense attorney.

Busted? Don't let a drug conviction ruin your life

If you are a university student who is cruising along in the lane to success, you are likely worrying how your recent bust on drug charges can derail your otherwise promising life and future career. Whether it was an indictable offense or merely a disorderly person offense, any drug charges require swift action on the part of both you and your criminal defense attorney.

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