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The possibility of legal marijuana brings controversy

Legal marijuana could become a reality in New Jersey in 2018; however, some towns in the state are not entirely excited about the idea. In fact, Point Pleasant Beach has already expressed that it will not allow the sale of recreational or medicinal marijuana within its city limits. The borough council banned the possibility of all kinds of marijuana sales in late December 2017.

Don't give away or sell your prescription medication

People get prescribed medication they don't need for a number of reasons. Perhaps you have robust immune system and you bounced back from an injury much more quickly than expected. Maybe you haven't had as many symptoms, so you've scaled back on your dosage. You may think that because the prescription is in your name and either you or your insurance policy paid for the pills that they are yours to do with what you will.

Prescription drug possession: Drug was not in the original bottle

Did New Jersey authorities arrest you because you had prescription drugs on your person and they were not in the original container? The possession of certain prescription drugs that are not in the originally-labeled bottle could result in a New Jersey resident getting in trouble with the law.

Xanax abuse can lead to criminal issues

Xanax, which is a brand name version of alprazolam, is a popular drug among addict circles. This is a prescription drug that can make people feel relaxed when they are dealing with anxiety or panic disorders. Unfortunately, the way that they impact the brain has made them a popular choice for people who abuse drugs.

College students should always fight drug charges

If you're in college in Cranford, you stand to lose a lot from a drug conviction. While many people assume that "everybody does drugs in college," or that shifting views on drugs like marijuana mean that drug charges amount to a slap on the wrist, law enforcement do not see things this way at all.

Overview of drug charges you might face

While many people around the country focus on the decriminalization of marijuana and the severity of heroin overdoses these days, there are some points about drug charges that many people don't think about. Possession charges are only one of the possibilities that a person can face.

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