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Lawsuit filed over Wildwood beach incident

On Behalf of | Oct 21, 2019 | Criminal Defense |

Most in Cranford are no doubt grateful for the work that law enforcement officials do in inserting themselves into potentially dangerous situations in order to protect the public. Yet with this respect also comes the expectation that authorities will exercise sound judgment when performing their duties and not take their charge to maintain the peace too far. If and when this does happen, people whose action do not warrant being responded to with aggression, apprehension and eventual arrest may become victimized. 

That is the claim being made by a woman from Philadelphia who claims she was the victim of police aggression in an incident that occurred at the beach in Wildwood. The incident in question happened over Memorial Day weekend of 2018. Local authorities stopped the question the woman over her possession of alcohol on the beach. The incident quickly escalated into an altercation, with multiple officials eventually being required to subdue the woman. Video taken by onlookers shows officers using what the woman claimed was excessive force during the arrest (although the officers involved were later cleared of any wrongdoing). 

The woman was initially charged with assaulting a police officer; she eventually pleaded down to disorderly conduct. Yet she remains determined to hold the officers who subdued her accountable for what she believes were unjustified actions. Anyone who has been in a similar situation may fear that such an incident can potentially hurt their chances of being treated fairly by law enforcement (or court officials if and when their cases go to trial). Such fears may only be assuaged by enlisting the services of an experienced attorney to represent one’s interests.



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