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Baby left behind in New Jersey store after alleged stroller theft

On Behalf of | Aug 29, 2019 | Shoplifting |

Security camera footage and a social media post led to the arrest of two women alleged to have stolen a stroller from a high-end baby supply store in Middletown, New Jersey. The alleged theft occurred approximately a week and a half ago and appears to have involved three women who brought several children with them into the store. Security camera footage reveals one of the children wandering the store, left behind after the women’s exit, and one of them returning briefly to the store to retrieve the child

The woman who came back into the store to collect the missing child was one of the two arrested in connection with the alleged theft. The two women arrested are both in their 20s and are originally from England. The store sells high-end imported merchandise for babies. Authorities have yet to apprehend the woman visible on security footage who appears to be exiting the store with the stroller. An investigation into the case is ongoing.

The store manager recalls two of the women distracting him while the other one allegedly folded up the stroller and left the store with it. The manager noticed it was missing after they left. Not wanting to make assumptions regarding possible theft, he walked around the store to check and looked at the security camera footage. 

Meanwhile, according to authorities, one of the women noticed that they had left one of the children behind as they got into a car and prepared to drive away. Upon her return, the store manager confronted her about the alleged theft of the stroller. He then called 911 as the woman reportedly hurried away with the child. 

Authorities affirm that the two women arrested face charges of conspiracy as well as shoplifting. People facing similar charges may find it helpful to hire a defense attorney. 




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