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Passerby claims to have stopped attempted assault in Mount Holly

On Behalf of | Jun 10, 2019 | Criminal Defense |

It may be easy for people in Cranford to make immediate decisions on one’s guilt or innocence based of a simple smattering of information. The trouble with this is that those facing criminal accusations have the right to have their stories heard before actual judgment against them can be pronounced. Those quick to make judgments against another may indeed eventually find themselves in situations where they need to rely on the understanding of others to allow them to recount their sides of their stories in order to avoid criminal penalties. Yet if opinions on them have already been formed, it may difficult to have those stories heard. 

The news of the arrest of a Pennsylvania man in connection with an allegedly attempted crime near Mount Holly certainly seems to paint an unfavorable picture of the supposed perpetrator. A passerby on the freeway supposedly saw the man carry a woman into a wooded area. He followed the man and separated him from the woman, waiting for authorities to arrive to take the man into custody. Although exact details have not been released as to what actions the man was engaged in when he was discovered, he now faces criminal charges that include attempted sexual assault. 

Even with evidence supposedly painting a clear picture against an accused perpetrator, the target of such accusations should have their case heard with enough impartiality present in order to ensure a fair outcome. Often, ensuring that happens can be difficult on one’s own. Those answering to criminal accusations might be wise to first consult with an experienced defense attorney to ensure that their rights are protected



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