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What are driver programs?

On Behalf of | Mar 17, 2019 | Traffic Violations |

In New Jersey, motorists who are charged with traffic violations may be ordered to take a driver program depending on the number and severity of the charges. These programs are used to provide instructions on proper driving, while also emphasizing the importance of adhering to traffic laws. The New Jersey Motor Vehicle Commission offers the following information of driver programs.

Defensive driving classes

If you’re concerned about points you’ve incurred on your license, a defensive driving course can help. While these classes are voluntary, attendance of an approved course could result in the removal of two license points per every five years. These classes can also reduce your insurance rate, while also helping your hone your driving skills and increase awareness of the other vehicles around you.

Driver improvement program

If you accumulate at least 12 points over a two-year period, you may be ordered to attend a driver improvement program. Successful completion of the course will result in up to three points being struck from your license. It will also help you avoid a 30-day suspension during which you would be unable to drive. All fees associated with the class will be your responsibility. Also, you can’t take a defensive driving course in place of driver improvement programs.

Probationary driver program

First-time drivers are subject to a two-year probationary period. During that period, incurring four or more points on your license, or being charged with two or more moving violations, will result in mandatory attendance of probationary driver class. This class is intended to help you identify problematic driving behaviors and offer solutions for correcting them. Upon completion, up to three points may be removed from your license.



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