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What to know about the drug policy at Rutgers

On Behalf of | Jul 24, 2018 | Drug Charges |

As a college student who smokes marijuana on campus, you put yourself at risk of disciplinary action. Many students may not realize that they don’t have to be the one smoking for the Rutgers University Police to get involved. If caught with rolling papers, you could be charged with intent to distribute.

You should know that Rutgers University prohibits “unlawful possession, use or distribution of illicit drugs and alcohol on its property or as part of any activities” (Standards of Conduct). If caught violating this policy, disciplinary action will take place. You may want to know what Rutgers considers a violation of the drug policy and the consequences it entails.

Violations according to the Student Code of Conduct

If the university suspects illegal drug use in a campus residency, campus police will receive a report immediately. Consequences could include arrest, relocation or loss of housing without a refund if caught using or possessing illegal drugs.

*quoted violations directly from the Rutgers Drug Policy

  • “Selling, transferring, or exchanging something in return for narcotics, prescription medications, or illegal substances on University property or between members of the University community.”
  • The use or possession of medical marijuana on campus
  • Sharing medical marijuana with nonprescribed individuals
  • “Unlawfully possessing or using drugs, narcotics, controlled substances, counterfeit controlled substances, or paraphernalia.”
  • The misuse or theft of any medication

Rutgers also includes the use of a controlled substance through hypodermic syringes and needles as a violation of the student code. If a first-time personal offense occurs, the consequences may include a talking-to, follow-ups with campus intervention, removal from residence halls or the university may notify parents if appropriate. If the offense is a first-time distribution, you could receive a fine, suspension or an assessment at intervention upon your return. Parent notification will also occur if appropriate.

The use or possession of illegal drugs on campus can result in serious disciplinary action. When violating the code of conduct at Rutgers, you put your future at risk.



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