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Steps to Take If You’re Involved in an Accident

On Behalf of | Jul 8, 2018 | Traffic Violations |

If you’re involved in an accident in New Jersey, knowing what to do in the aftermath is hugely important. Your actions can make quite a difference, especially if you’re determined to be at fault for what occurred. Esurance.com offers some helpful tips on what you can do, which will make certain you and others on the scene remain safe while also getting the information you need.

Check for Injuries

In the event there are any serious injuries, be sure to contact emergency personnel right away. Even if there are no evident injuries, remember that things like whiplash can occur hours or even days after the accident (which is why you should get a medical assessment in the days following). Along with you and your passengers, make sure any other drivers involved are OK.

Move Your Vehicle

You also want to make sure that your vehicle is out of the way of the flow of traffic. In this case, pull your car to the side of the road and alert other motorists of its presence. This can be done by setting flairs or warning triangles. If you’re unable to move your vehicle, turn on your hazard lights and move a safe distance from the vehicle while you wait for help.

Take Down Info

Once the scene is secure, the next step is to gather information from any other drivers involved. This includes their name and phone number, as well as information related to their insurance coverage. If there are witnesses on the scene, take their contact info as well. These people can give statements later, which will provide an objective perspective on what happened. Lastly, be sure to get the name and badge number of any officers on the scene so you can request a copy of the police report.



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