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Shoplifting father abandons dying son after crashing vehicle

On Behalf of | Mar 30, 2018 | Shoplifting |

Life is often about the choices we make and the beliefs that drive those decisions. Whether those choices are good or bad, they impact yourself and those around you. Unfortunately, a two year old boy died when his father made some irreversible choices.

In Township, New Jersey, a 28 year-old father took his son shoplifting after getting high on narcotics. When the shoplifting attempt failed, the father got in his SUV and fled without buckling up his son. Although local authorities were not chasing him, the father ran a stop light and crashed into two other vehicles.

The impact of the crash caused the SUV to flip over several times. The toddler boy landed on the roadway after the force ejected him from the vehicle. Witnesses say the father took off on foot passing over his dying son and fleeing into nearby brush until local authorities found him and placed him in custody. The criminal charges attained included multiple offenses, including third degree murder for causing his son’s death.

New Jersey shoplifting laws

New Jersey penalizes anyone who knowingly takes an item without purchasing it. This applies to any priced item hidden on your body or placed in your belongings. It also includes intentionally switching price tags on an item to get it at a lower cost.

The higher the cost of the item, the higher the consequences associated with shoplifting charges. For example, an item that costs more than $75,000 carries a punishment of five to 10 years incarceration. Smaller priced items under $200 typically result in less than 10 days in jail for the offender.

Fight criminal charges

Shoplifting charges may have other criminal offenses attached to them like resisting arrest, evading police or in the case of this story, third degree murder. Despite the amount of charges you may have against you, each one is eligible for fair examination before the court. Each person, no matter how horrendous the outcome of their choices is entitled to legal defense.



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