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Were you accused of 1 of the following drug crimes?

On Behalf of | Jan 19, 2018 | Drug Charges |

The movement to decriminalize many kinds of drugs is gaining momentum throughout the United States, and it’s beginning with marijuana. Numerous states have already created medical marijuana programs, and even recreational marijuana programs, that have made marijuana more widely available as a medicine and also as a recreational substance.

Marijuana and all other drugs continue to be strictly controlled in the state of New Jersey. Although some medical patients can use marijuana as a medicine in the states, the list of qualifying conditions is still relatively short. Then there are the other controlled substances, like methamphetamine, cocaine, hash, ecstasy, LSD, DMT, psychedelic mushrooms and more — all of which could land someone in jail if he or she is convicted of possessing too much of them.

Outside of simple possession, which is the least serious drug offense in the state, we have more serious drug crimes that involve the possession of larger quantities of controlled substances. These include:

Drug manufacturing: Drug manufacturing is a charge relating to the making, growing or creation of drugs. Some people may have marijuana farms or chemistry labs used to make drugs, for example.

Drug trafficking and drug dealing: Both of these involve the distribution and sale of drugs. Drug trafficking is the sale of large quantities of drugs, and drug dealing usually involves smaller quantities.

If you were accused of either of the above drug offenses in New Jersey, you may want to get very serious about your criminal defense. You can start by studying the facts and circumstances surrounding your arrest, the requirements for your conviction and the potential punishments that you could face if a court finds you guilty.



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