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New Jersey man arrested on heroin charges

On Behalf of | Jan 27, 2018 | Drug Charges |

A man from Wayne, New Jersey, has been arrested on charges of heroin possession. According to the authorities who arrested him, he was in possession of dozens of doses of the drug when they conducted an investigation and another drug bust earlier this week. The 30-year-old man has been charged with multiple crimes.

Police say that they conducted the arrest and investigation after they witnessed a vehicle drive up to a residence, and saw the accused man take what appeared to be heroin to the vehicle, get inside and then exit the parked car with other items. Police say that the two men exchanged money and drugs while carrying out a drug sales transaction in the driveway.

Detectives say that the driver of the car was in possession of a brick of heroin containing approximately 50 doses of the drug at the time of the arrest. The heroin was in two small bundles. They also discovered 20 glassine baggies full of heroin and $457 worth of cash during the arrest. Later, police detectives say they found seven more bricks of heroin, two small bundles and another $310 in cash. As a result, the car driver and a passenger were also arrested in the alleged drug bust.

It’s important to note that even though the three men in this case have been charged with serious drug crimes involving heroin, they may be able to successfully defend themselves against the charges in court. Indeed, every person — no matter how serious the crime — will have his or her day in court and the right to refute and defend him or herself against the charges.

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