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January 2018 Archives

What happens to people accused of driving without insurance?

For many people struggling to makes ends meet, expensive car insurance premiums can seem like a massive burden. They may not be able to afford adequate coverage, despite needing a personal vehicle to commute to and from work or to take their children to school. This can lead to people failing to pay their premiums, resulting in canceled coverage.

New Jersey man arrested on heroin charges

A man from Wayne, New Jersey, has been arrested on charges of heroin possession. According to the authorities who arrested him, he was in possession of dozens of doses of the drug when they conducted an investigation and another drug bust earlier this week. The 30-year-old man has been charged with multiple crimes.

Know the penalties if you or your child face shoplifting charges

Many people think of shoplifting as a harmless offense. After all, most businesses build in the cost of a certain amount of "shrink" when pricing items for sale. Quite a few young people may flirt with danger in their teen years by pocketing items or otherwise trying to take them out of stores without paying for them. It's important that you realize that neither store owners nor the courts will take such a tolerant view of shoplifting if someone gets caught in the act.

Were you accused of 1 of the following drug crimes?

The movement to decriminalize many kinds of drugs is gaining momentum throughout the United States, and it's beginning with marijuana. Numerous states have already created medical marijuana programs, and even recreational marijuana programs, that have made marijuana more widely available as a medicine and also as a recreational substance.

How to prevent drunk driving arrests

If you want to prevent you and your friends from getting arrested for drunk driving, the primary thing you'll need to do is to prevent people from getting behind the wheel after drinking alcohol. Although this might seem easy enough, anyone who has been to a party where drinking is involved knows that preventing drunk driving is easier said than done.

The possibility of legal marijuana brings controversy

Legal marijuana could become a reality in New Jersey in 2018; however, some towns in the state are not entirely excited about the idea. In fact, Point Pleasant Beach has already expressed that it will not allow the sale of recreational or medicinal marijuana within its city limits. The borough council banned the possibility of all kinds of marijuana sales in late December 2017.

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