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What’s your criminal defense strategy?

On Behalf of | Nov 10, 2017 | Criminal Defense |

A criminal defense strategy is the overall plan you will apply to your criminal proceedings. Ultimately, the goal of your criminal defense strategy will be to improve your situation as much as possible. This might involve trying to get your charges dropped or dismissed, seeking a verdict of not guilty or negotiating a plea bargain deal.

When you hire a criminal defense attorney, your lawyer will help you formulate a criminal defense strategy. First, you will tell your side of the story to your lawyer. Next, your lawyer will review the formal charges that have been brought against you, and the evidence and other facts surrounding your case. Then, your lawyer will collaborate together and devise the best course of action to take in response to the charges you’re facing.

Devising a suitable criminal defense strategy is not as simple as telling the truth of your story in a way that proves the prosecution wrong or in a way that reveals your innocence. Your defense strategy also needs to scrutinize the credibility of witnesses who are speaking out against you, it needs to determine how specific evidence was obtained and if the police violated legal procedure when making your arrest.

All of these considerations combined will create the overarching “theory of your case.” When this theory has been established, you and your lawyer can then move forward with a criminal defense that reflects that theory completely.

Are you ready to develop a criminal defense strategy to counter the charges being brought against you? An experienced criminal defense attorney can help you explore your legal rights and options and the various criminal defense paths available to you.



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