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August 2017 Archives

What would legal marijuana look like in New Jersey?

Although Gov. Chris Christie has been adamant in his disapproval of legalizing marijuana for recreational purposes, Christie only has a few months remaining in his final term as governor. Also, a Senate committee recently discussed how the state might legalize and regulate the drug. Could New Jersey soon legalize marijuana?

Man settles with New Jersey town over an allegedly false arrest

Not all DUI arrests are appropriate. Some drivers are arrested and accused of drunk driving in New Jersey when they did not even drink a drop of alcohol. For example, if a police driver pulls you over, he or she might mistake your tired, bloodshot eyes for being a sign that you were drinking. Or, the officer might mistake a common speech impediment for being slurred drunken speech. These might result in an inappropriate arrest and DUI allegations.

Authorities in New Jersey plan for a major drunk driving crusade

The "Drive Sober or Get Pulled Over" DUI campaign will begin on Aug. 18 and affect the entire state of New Jersey through Sept. 4. State and local law enforcement officials will be out in force, setting up drunk driving checkpoints and roving patrols designed to look for and arrest impaired drivers.

New Jersey police arrest 4 in alleged heroin bust

The New Jersey State Police intended to only arrest two men on drug charges related to heroin late last month. However, the investigation soon included the arrest of two more suspects. Police say that they seized two-and-a-half bricks of heroin in addition to other drug items.

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