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June 2017 Archives

How drunk driving is punished in New Jersey

In the state of New Jersey, any blood alcohol content (BAC) that is 0.08 percent or higher is considered to be indicative of an individual's degree of intoxication. The state takes the crime of driving under the influence (DUI) very seriously. As a result, the penalties you are sure to face if convicted of the crime are particularly harsh.

Why are affluent kids at higher risk for drug, alcohol abuse?

Many parents mistakenly believe that if they live in an affluent area and their kids go to "good" schools, they are less likely to get involved with drugs and alcohol. However, just about anyone who's grown up in a wealthy area knows that's not necessarily true.

Will legislators legalize recreational marijuana in New Jersey?

It might be hard to believe but a New Jersey resident gets arrested every 22 minutes -- on average -- for a marijuana crime. However, on May 15, legislators introduced a new bill that could make recreational marijuana legal if lawmakers pass it.

When are police required to give the Miranda warning?

Life as a person under the rule of law doesn't come with a handbook. That's unfortunate. The volumes of laws on the books in New Jersey and at the federal level fill libraries – literally. Some of the fundamental rules are codified in the Constitution and Bill of Rights, but not all. Over the course of two centuries, some have been added and refined. How can you possibly know what you need to know, and when?

College students should always fight drug charges

If you're in college in Cranford, you stand to lose a lot from a drug conviction. While many people assume that "everybody does drugs in college," or that shifting views on drugs like marijuana mean that drug charges amount to a slap on the wrist, law enforcement do not see things this way at all.

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