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Colts defensive tackle facing DUI and theft charges

On Behalf of | Mar 10, 2017 | Drunk Driving |

New Jersey football enthusiasts may be interested to learn that Indianapolis Colts player David Parry was accused of stealing a golf cart and driving while under the influence of alcohol in Arizona on Feb. 25. The 24-year-old defensive tackle was ultimately charged with seven offenses.

Authorities in Scottsdale, Ariz., stated that a golf cart taxi driver contacted them after picking up three bar-goers, one of whom was reportedly Parry. After the taxi driver dropped off the other two men, he claimed that Parry assaulted him and then stole the golf cart. Authorities later found both the golf cart and Parry after he had crashed into a gate. The police stated that Parry appeared drunk at the time they took him into custody.

Parry was ultimately charged with auto theft, resisting arrest, robbery and driving under the influence of alcohol. The Colts stated that they were aware of the charges and were gathering more information on the situation. There have yet to be any reports on whether the team will hand down a suspension.

The severity of the consequences for a DUI can depend on the accused motorist’s prior convictions. If this is the person’s first offense, they could risk losing their driving privileges and being sentenced to probation. A criminal defense attorney may assist with helping an accused person keep their driver’s license or certain driving privileges so that they can get to and from work while their case is active. If the person has an alcohol problem, the attorney may negotiate with the prosecution to allow them to complete alcohol education classes or rehabilitation.



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