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Busted? Don’t let a drug conviction ruin your life

On Behalf of | Jan 17, 2017 | Drug Charges |

If you are a university student who is cruising along in the lane to success, you are likely worrying how your recent bust on drug charges can derail your otherwise promising life and future career. Whether it was an indictable offense or merely a disorderly person offense, any drug charges require swift action on the part of both you and your criminal defense attorney.

Adderall on campus: As American as apple pie?

What college student hasn’t felt pressure to cram all night for an exam or stayed up until dawn finishing a research paper for a morning deadline? It’s all part of the college experience, but the accompanying crash and dearth of energy after pulling an all-nighter can make even youthfully exuberant young people turn to chemical stimulants to be able to meet their scholastic or occupational obligations.

When Shire Pharmaceuticals introduced their “patented blend of amphetamine salts” under the trade name Adderall in 1996, it opened new competitive doors in the marketplace for drugs that treat attention deficit hyperactivity disorder in children. Their product had great success, leading the company to develop Adderall XR capsules in 2001. This new format supplied a lower, steady dosage level all day long to patients. It increased productivity and kept its users focused on the task at hand while remaining alert.

There is no doubt that Adderall has helped millions of students get better grades and improve their academic performances, thus leading to overall better qualities of life for those suffering from ADHD or attention deficit disorder. It’s also evident that this drug was doomed to make a big splash on the black market as those without those diagnoses used it to power through heavy academic and occupational workloads, or simply just to party.

Sharing your prescription can get you arrested

You may have never thought that sharing your prescription of Adderall with your sorority sisters or suitemates (even if you never sold a single pill) could get you into legal trouble. But it definitely can. All that it takes is for one of the people with whom you shared your medicine to get caught with the pills without a valid prescription or to suffer an adverse reaction requiring medical intervention.

Suddenly, people are asking pointed questions about those pills. Where did they come from? Who sold or gave them to the person? Before you know it, you can wind up busted on drug charges.

There is never a guarantee on how criminal charges will be resolved after an arrest. However, your chances of an acquittal or being offered a plea bargain on reduced charges may increase when an experienced New Jersey defense attorney is le ading your defense strategy.



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