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Driving terms and conditions not something to skip over

"Terms and conditions" - this is a term now as common to every person in New Jersey as is a smartphone in the pocket. Anytime you download an app for that device or log on to a wireless network at your local coffee shop you are asked to accept terms and conditions. If we were all completely honest, there would be few who can say we've read through each and every one of them.

A driver's license is another thing with terms and conditions attached. Some we're sure you know about. You had to study them just to pass the string of tests that the state gives before granting driving privileges. One of the most important is the rule, thou shalt not drink and drive. One that some might be less aware of has to do with your rights if police ask you to submit to a breath test. Should you agree? What could happen if you refuse?

Every state's laws are somewhat different, but one thing every state has is implied consent. That's a term and condition that requires licensed drivers to agree to breath testing if an officer suspects driving under the influence and asks properly. You agreed to it when you signed the papers to get your license. If you refuse breath testing, police could take you to a facility for a blood or urine test with proper approval.

Refusing to take a breath test can result in the same penalties as being found guilty of drunk driving. In some states, if you are found guilty of driving under the influence, an earlier refusal could lead to enhanced penalties.

With all that's at stake, anyone confronted with the possibility of a drunk driving charge should be consulting an experienced attorney.

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