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Does license suspension follow me if I move in or out of a state?

We are the United States. That means we are one nation, but the nation is made up of individual states and the structure of our constitution means each state governs itself. In some cases that means what happens in one state will only have repercussions under that state's laws. If you are charged with a burglary in New Jersey, you can't be prosecuted for it in another state.

The same does not necessarily apply regarding your record, however. If committing an infraction leaves you with a history, it follows you. So it is with driving privileges. Due to reciprocity through what's called the Driver License Compact, the loss of a driver's license means you've lost your license elsewhere. 

This doesn't just apply to your driving rights. Because of the DLC, most traffic-related convictions in one state follow you to any other member state. That means if you are cited for speeding or convicted of driving under the influence and your license is suspended, you likely won't be able to move and be able to drive legally elsewhere. Only a couple of states are not part of the compact. New Jersey is in the group.

The compact is an information sharing agreement. If you lose your license in New Jersey, move to Minnesota and seek a license, authorities will check if you are in the National Driver Registration database. If you are, you will be denied a license.

Losing driving privileges for any reason can leave you hanging in trying to pursue common everyday activities. To get beyond the difficulties as effectively as possible, consult experienced legal counsel.

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