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Compounds seeking to skirt the law can still get you arrested

There are substances on the market today in parts of the country that might technically be legal. While that technicality might help mitigate possible penalties in a court of law, it does not mean you can't and won't be arrested, booked and perhaps even charged with a crime. What we are talking about here specifically are synthetic drugs sold as alternatives to marijuana.

The reason these products might be technically legal is that they are made out of chemical compounds that not banned under current New Jersey laws. Something of a cat-and-mouse game is underway between authorities and the makers of these products. Typically, when one hits the market, lawmakers ban it. Manufacturers than simply modify the recipe to evade the prohibition.

That doesn't prevent police from having their suspicions about the illicit products during traffic stops. What can happen then is that you can find yourself arrested and held pending results of lab tests. How long do you think that might take?

If the test results come back and indicate the product you had was, in fact, illegal, It is easy to imagine that police might then escalate the charges. Charges of drug possession might follow. Officers suspecting possible driving under the influence might obtain permission to have your blood tested. The consequences of such a charge can be devastating.

Loss of driving privileges is among the penalties that could result if you are convicted. While that might not seem severe, consider for just a moment what effect the loss of a driver's license could have. So many aspects of everyday life are tied to mobility - work, school, errands. Some city dwellers might be able to get by without a license, but the vast majority of us depend on being able to go where we need to, when we need to. Working with experienced counsel is how to protect that right and need.

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