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Any detectable amount of alcohol is trouble for driving minors

Driving is so much a part of the culture in New Jersey and other states that it's hard to imagine a teenager who doesn't ache for the time when they can get behind the wheel of a car. Some young people out there shy away from the opportunity of getting a license, but they are the distinct minority.

For most, the prospect of gaining the privilege to drive is so exciting that they can hardly wait to come of age. That youthful enthusiasm, while understandable, is also something that can prove to be a problem. Young drivers don't always absorb just how much responsibility goes along with driving. Sometimes mistakes are made and lack of experience can lead to serious trouble such as drunk driving charges.

At The Law Offices of Palumbo & Renaud, we are proud of our success defending juveniles who have faced allegations of traffic violations and drunk driving in New Jersey. We have provided such services throughout the state for over 35 years.

A charge of DUI or DWI is one of the most serious that a minor driver is likely to face. It doesn't take much to trigger a charge. State law states that if a driver under the age of 21 is found to have any detectable amount of alcohol in his or her system, that person could be convicted of drunk driving. The consequences include a loss of driving privileges, time in community service and attendance special classes on alcohol and traffic safety. There is also the social stigma of having a record.

If you are a juvenile, or the parent of a juvenile who faces criminal charges of any kind, you should be seeking help from an attorney with a level of experience that leaves you confident that every possible legal step will be taken to achieve the best outcome.

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