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Your wallet will feel the pain after a DUI

On Behalf of | Feb 19, 2016 | Drunk Driving |

When talk about driving under the influence charges, most of the focus is centered on the person’s negligence and how he or she deserves the legal punishments handed to them. In a certain respect, this could be true. But everyone is presumed innocent until they are proven to be guilty. And before then, they are entitled to their rights. Should they be found guilty, a hefty amount of penalties are placed upon them, such as the inability to drive (license suspension), years of probation and possibly even jail.

These are indeed very serious consequences. However, they can often pale in comparison to the financial consequences associated with a DUI. There are so many money-related factors with a DUI that someone charged with the offense can often feel the financial burden for many years after the actual offense.

The most prominent of these costs is the insurance implications. Your car insurance premiums will go way, way up, and they will remain high for many years after the charge.

But there are numerous other financial facets to consider. You have to pay for your car being towed and impounded after the arrest. There are myriad costs related to your legal situation (bail, court fees, alcohol therapy costs, fees for jail time, fees for probation, etc.). And you also have to find new forms of transportation while you can’t drive, which will probably cost you.

There is simply so much at stake in a DUI case, and that doesn’t only include your legal consequences. Defend yourself to the fullest if you are accused of this unfortunate offense.



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