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New Jersey cops taking drivers into custody for DUI

On Behalf of | Jan 29, 2016 | Drunk Driving |

Hillsborough Township Police started off January 2016 by detaining multiple individuals for DUIs in separate incidents. According to reports, the first police action took place on New Years Day, when an 18-year-old man apparently experienced a wreck on South Branch Road. Police indicted him for not keeping right properly and also charged him with driving under the influence as an underage individual.

The local police blotter said that the second detention occurred about a week later. A 60-year-old local man was stopped on Auten Road, and at the time of reporting, he faced multiple charges related to alleged drunk driving. He was eventually indicted for driving carelessly, operating his motor vehicle recklessly, not signaling before turning and not staying in his own lane.

After initially being held in custody, both drivers were processed, given court dates and released, although it is unclear whether they were set free on their own recognizance or if either had to pay bail. Each driver apparently received some form of blood-alcohol assessment, and while the elder man was found to exceed the standard .08 limit with a BAC of .15, police said that the younger motorist’s results were still awaiting laboratory confirmation.

Drunk driving charges can make life difficult. The accused commonly have to take time away from their careers to go to court, and, if convicted, they may end up losing their jobs while they complete punishments. For some, being levied fines in addition to losing wages can cause significant financial burdens. Individuals who face charges for drunk driving and similar offenses may find it helpful to research alternative sentences, like substance abuse treatment, and learn about the different kinds of plea deals they might be able to make.



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