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New Jersey motorcyclist charged with DUI, other offenses

On Behalf of | Dec 3, 2015 | Drunk Driving |

According to New Jersey law enforcement authorities, a Manahawkin man was charged with driving under the influence on Nov. 10 following an investigation at a tavern in Lacey. The incident involving the 54-year-old motorcyclist reportedly happened around 11:36 p.m.

Officers stated that they had received reports of a motorcyclist driving in an erratic manner. Reportedly, he was seen pulling into the tavern’s parking lot. Lacey Police Department officers went to the tavern, and upon finding the man, charged him with DUI. After transporting him to the police station, officers allege they found drugs on him.

The man was charged with several offenses, including DUI, driving on a suspended license, refusing to submit to testing, reckless driving, driving without insurance and driving a motorcycle that was not registered. He reportedly also had an outstanding warrant from Long Beach Township. Law enforcement gave him a citation and summons for his alleged driving offenses and a separate summons for possession of marijuana and obstruction. Reportedly, the officers impounded the man’s motorcycle. It is unclear when the man is due in court for his charged offenses or whether he remains in custody for his Long Beach Township warrant.

A person who is facing DUI charges may have several defenses available. In this case, a criminal defense attorney might challenge the officers’ stop of the man inside of the tavern, depending on the nature of the calls that were received. Another potential defense might be that the man could have ingested alcohol at the tavern instead of before driving. People may want to talk to a criminal defense attorney about their own cases and defenses they might have.

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