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December 2015 Archives

Supreme Court upholds weapons ban

The U.S. Supreme Court recently upheld a Highland Park, Illinois, ban on the sale, possession or purchase of semi-automatic weapons with the capability of holding ten or more rounds of ammunition in a clip or magazine. New Jersey has a similar ban in place, and so this ruling serves to strengthen that ban. 

Tough punishment of weapons crimes stem from state gun laws

Proposed legislation involving gun ownership has been at the forefront of recent media coverage. Given that scrutiny, it is important for New Jersey readers to understand applicable laws regarding gun ownership and carrying a concealed weapon.

Is there a progression of inquiry during a drunk driving stop?

Authorities that pull over an individual on suspicion of drunk driving typically follow a natural progression. Simple questioning of a driver might escalate into a field sobriety test. Additional chemical testing, such as a Breathalzyer or blood sample, may also be requested. Depending on the circumstances, there might be consequences to refusing to comply with an officer’s instructions or request for a breath or blood test.