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First-time drunk driving offender is an unlikely suspect

On Behalf of | Nov 14, 2015 | Drunk Driving |

Can a momentary lapse in judgment result in criminal charges? A recent New Jersey accident and accompanying drunk driving arrest suggest that even unlikely candidates might find themselves in need of an experienced criminal defense attorney. 

Specifically, the culprit in a recent motor vehicle accident is a nun. The nun reportedly backed her pickup truck into a New Jersey business before pulling out of a parking lot. When police pulled the nun over, they administered a field sobriety test and arrested her after she allegedly failed it.

Although the burden of proof in a criminal trial is beyond a reasonable doubt, an employer is not bound by that standard. In this case, the nun was a faculty member at a Catholic school for girls in Philadelphia. However, the nun’s employer, her local archdiocese, placed her on administrative leave after learning about the criminal drunk driving charge.

Readers may understand the importance of requesting a criminal defense attorney after an arrest. Certainly, an attorney can review the arrest record and work to ensure that proper criminal procedures are followed. An attorney will work to build a strong defense and avoid a conviction. If that’s not possible, there may still be options for a lesser sentence or a plea deal. Yet there are other rights and interests that an attorney can also work to protect on an accused’s behalf, not the least of which is reputational damage. Check out our firm’s website to learn more about our multi-faceted approach to defending DUI and DWI charges in New Jersey.

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