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May 2015 Archives

Arrested at a sobriety checkpoint? Seek legal counsel quickly

It is likely that quite a few people reading this spent some time with friends or family socializing last weekend. In the course of those social gatherings it is possible that some people may have consumed alcohol and then, thinking that they were okay, gotten behind the wheel of a vehicle to drive. Assuming that people would take this action over the long holiday weekend, law enforcement officers in the state of New Jersey set up sobriety checkpoints.  

Is theft always a component of burglary charges in New Jersey?

While it is not uncommon for someone to end up facing burglary and theft charges, it is important to remember that in New Jersey these are both two completely different charges. Each comes with its own set of potential consequences, including fines and prison time.

New Jersey appeals court: Cops can't routinely target passengers

In 2011, two Woodbridge police detectives had their eye out for a particular Ford Bronco. They had received some calls from concerned citizens claiming that there was an unusual amount of activity at the Bronco owner's apartment, and they suspected drug activity.

Supreme Ct.: Cops can't drag out traffic stops to await drug dogs

One of the more startling aspects of the War on Drugs has been its influence on the relationship between police officers and citizens. Aside from alleged racism in its enforcement, the drug war has turned every encounter between law enforcement and the public into a potential confrontation. Drugs are relatively easy to hide after all, and just about anyone could have them -- and police officers have been told to root out such dastardly villains with every tool at their disposal.

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