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Why don't more younger drivers use breathalyzer apps?

In a number of posts before (and during) the holiday season, we warned our readers on the additional patrols that will be out to catch potential drunk drivers. Essentially, the push to avoid tragic holiday season accidents was a strong incentive for law enforcement agencies to seek out potentially dangerous drivers and get them off the road.

We also noted the swath of public service announcement imploring people to not drink and drive, and how some people who may not feel impaired may be snared by patrols simply because they had an “odor” of alcohol on their breath. With all of these factors working against drivers, it is a wonder why more younger drivers do not take steps to avoid getting stopped.

This question is especially troubling given the prevalence of hand held breath testing machines and smartphone applications. These products are being sold in retail outlets throughout New Jersey and across the country. For a nominal cost, you could purchase a BACTrack device, for example, which is the size of a keychain to test your blood alcohol content before getting behind the wheel. BACTrack’s founder compared the opportunity to not having a speedometer in one’s car and then getting stopped for speeding.

So it remains to be seen whether younger drivers will use apps and tracking devices to monitor their alcohol intake in the same way that they use technology to monitor their diet, sleep patterns, heart rate while exercising and other aspects of their lives. As criminal defense attorneys, we hope that they do. 

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