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Expungement of a DUI conviction

On Behalf of | Jan 28, 2015 | Drunk Driving |

A New Jersey resident who has a conviction for drunk driving on their criminal record might be eligible for an expungement. Expungement of a criminal conviction is also referred to as having a record ‘sealed.” When a record of drunk driving is expunged or sealed, the DUI conviction will no longer be publicly accessible.

An individual must meet a number of criteria in order to qualify for an expungement. For instance, a certain number of years must have gone by since the person was convicted for DUI before the record of the event can be expunged. A court may also look into the nature of the drunk driving incident before deciding whether to approve the motion. The individual’s criminal record, including any convictions they might have in other states, will also be evaluated.

When a person has a DUI conviction on their record expunged, they are allowed to withhold information about the conviction while filling out apartment, school or job applications. If a potential employer or other party does a public records check, an expunged record will not appear. However, law enforcement, criminal courts and certain government agencies will still be able to view the criminal record that was expunged.

A person who would like to have a DUI conviction on their record expunged might want to seek help from an attorney to ensure that the application is completed properly. If an individual has been denied an expungement, an attorney may be able to look into the reasons for the denial and help the individual to appeal the decision.



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