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New Jersey public official detained for impaired driving

On Behalf of | Dec 30, 2014 | Drunk Driving |

According to reports, on Dec. 20, the mayor of Paulsboro was taken into custody for drinking and driving following a traffic stop. Woolwich police reportedly responded to the scene after they received an anonymous tip regarding a vehicle that was swerving on Paulsboro Road. When authorities stopped the vehicle, they reportedly found the mayor behind the wheel. He underwent field sobriety tests that determined that he was impaired. However, his specific BAC level was not reported, and it was unclear if the accused was subjected to a blood test.

Authorities claimed that he initially did not follow the instructions needed to undergo field sobriety tests. The mayor now faces charges of driving while impaired, failure to submit to breath tests, failure to maintain a lane and reckless driving. Sources indicate that the accused refused to comment on the reported case since the pending investigation is ongoing.

Some people might not feel that a DUI charge is serious enough to justify the expense of a criminal defense attorney. However, in addition to all of the criminal repercussions, including loss of license, time in custody and excessive fees, a DUI conviction could mean that the person is disqualified from holding public office and raise doubts about their ability to hold a public position. A defense lawyer knows various strategies to employ for those facing charges related to impaired driving.

A criminal defense lawyer might cast doubt on the reasons for the traffic stop, which could jeopardize the prosecution’s case. If a court determines that the traffic stop was not justified, the entire case might be dismissed. In addition, an attorney may question the validity or accuracy of a field sobriety test.

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