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New Jersey man in elf custome charged with DWI

On Behalf of | Dec 22, 2014 | Drunk Driving |

A New Jersey man dressed as an elf was taken into custody after Riverdale police allegedly found him passed out in a car on Dec. 19. The incident happened in the Target parking lot on Route 23.

Authorities claim they received a report of a suspicious vehicle near the Target loading dock around 3:30 a.m. Responding officers allegedly found a gray Toyota van in the retailer’s lot with the lights on, the engine running and loud music playing. Asleep behind the wheel was a 23-year-old Cedar Grove man dressed in a red elf costume.

When officers turned off the van’s engine and woke the man, they allege that he smelled strongly of alcohol and had an open beer can inside the vehicle. He also reportedly appeared confused about his location. He was given a series of field sobriety tests and taken to police headquarters to undergo a breath test.

The man was charged with DWI, possession of an open container of alcohol and careless driving. He was released into the care of a family member and is scheduled to appear in municipal court on Jan. 6.

Being accused of drunk driving does not imply guilt, and those facing DWI charges may wish to hire an attorney to fight the allegations in court. Field sobriety and breath test results are not always accurate and could be disputed. In addition, depending on a defendant’s prior record, a lawyer could negotiate a plea deal that mitigates all or a portion of the charges.

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