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Beware of drunk driving patrols on Halloween night

On Behalf of | Oct 29, 2014 | Drunk Driving |

Last year, many people in our region made it a long weekend, with Halloween falling on a Thursday. This year, All Hallows Eve falls on a Friday. With the weekend starting that evening, it is likely that law enforcement will be out in force to look for drunk drivers.

While an unfortunate few may end up arrested on suspicion of drunk driving, the same scenario does not have to happen when the holiday season begins. After all, holiday parties will begin in just over a month. In the meantime, it is critical that drivers pay close attention to what they drink if they are going to get behind the wheel on Halloween night. 

But being vigilant about drinking is not always enough. Drivers who are stopped must know how to deal with the police in order to avoid being asked to “exit the vehicle,” or “to perform a few tests.”  With that, we revisit two important tips for dealing with the police.

Be respectful – Indeed, being stopped by the police can be a pain, and cops expect a bit of attitude when they pull someone over. Nevertheless, a little respect can go a long way, and it could keep you out of jail.

Be honest with your eyes – As we have said in prior posts, police officers look for clues of illegal activity by looking into a person’s eyes. Specifically, they look for indications of drunkenness as well as attempts to conceal it. Therefore, maintaining good eye contact can show that you’re OK to drive and have nothing to hide.



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