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Woman charged with DUI after municipal building crash

On Behalf of | Aug 19, 2014 | Drunk Driving |

Police took a 53-year-old New Jersey woman into custody after an accident that damaged a municipal building on Aug. 13. The woman faces careless driving and DUI charges in connection with the incident. Police released her from custody, and her first court appearance was scheduled for a later date.

The accident occurred at about 3 p.m. on Trinity St. in Newton. Dispatchers in the police station located next to the municipal building said that they heard a loud noise at the time of the collision. Investigators said that the woman’s vehicle traveled onto the Newton Town Municipal Building’s front walkway before striking several of the building’s pillars.

Police officers said that surveillance footage showed the woman’s car crashing into the pillars. They described the woman getting out of the car, apparently to check for front end damage, and going into the municipal building. Officers subsequently detained and charged her. No one suffered injuries in the accident.

Even first offense DUI charges can result in harsh penalties if a case results in a conviction. People accused of DUI could have their licenses revoked and be ordered to serve community service, complete alcohol education programs and pay fines. These penalties often impose a significant financial burden on people convicted of DUI charges.

A DUI defense attorney may be able to scrutinize the evidence against their client in situations similar to this one. If evidence cannot be excluded, defense attorneys are sometimes able to negotiate for lesser charges or sentences in exchange for a guilty plea.

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