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New Jersey driver charged with DWI after mini-pursuit

On Behalf of | Jul 30, 2014 | Drunk Driving |

On July 13 at around 2 a.m., Vineland police received reports that there was a suspected drunk driver in the area of Elmer Road and Delsea Drive. According to police reports, the vehicle in question was a Toyota Tundra that was reportedly driving erratically on the road and running stop signs. An officer was dispatched to the area, and, while at the intersection of South East Avenue and East Elmer Road, he stated that he saw the driver of the Tundra go through a four-way stop at 20 mph and nearly hit a curb.

After seeing the truck blow through the stop sign, the officer attempted to detain the driver of the Tundra according the report. The man reportedly drove partially onto the shoulder but continued traveling at between 15 and 20 mph. After contacting dispatch about the attempted traffic stop, the officer was instructed to end the pursuit and to continue observing the vehicle.

The officer continued to follow the driver for a few more blocks until another officer arrived. One of the officers claimed that the driver smelled of alcohol and had bloodshot eyes as well as trouble walking. The 47-year-old man was taken into custody, and he now faces DWI charges.

The news source did not provide any information about the man’s blood-alcohol concentration. Depending on how or when a test was administered, the results may not provide enough evidence to lead to a conviction. Additionally, there were no indications in the source that the man had previous DUI convictions, which would strengthen his chances of receiving a plea deal.

Source: NJ.com, “Vineland police follow drunk driver in low-speed pursuit, reports indicate“, Don E. Woods , July 22, 2014



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