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Half-dozen Newark men indicted on stolen weapons charges

On Behalf of | May 2, 2014 | Weapons Crimes |

Like many eastern states, New Jersey has very strong gun laws. People may even find themselves running afoul of weapons crimes even if they aren’t aware that they are doing something against the law, such as collecting certain antique weapons. On other occasions, New Jersey residents might have an inkling that they are pushing up against legal boundaries with their activities involving weapons — which is when it can be crucial to have an experienced criminal defense attorney fighting for your rights.

Last month, several men in Newark were indicted on multiple weapons counts. According to the charges, the men sold several weapons and various kinds of ammunition to a person who was actually an undercover state police informant.

State officials said that among the items sold were two stolen guns — a revolver and a 12-gauge shotgun — hollow-point bullets, and an assault rifle that contained a high-capacity magazine that is illegal under New Jersey law. There were also semi-automatic handguns, regular handguns, and hunting rifles involved in the transactions.

In addition to the weapons crimes, the men were charged with conspiracy for organizing the meetings at which the guns were sold. The transactions took place at five different meetings, according to the indictment announced by the acting attorney general.

While some weapons charges are added onto charges that stem from some kind of violent assault, being charged with weapons crimes on their own is clearly very serious as well; the punishment upon conviction of some of these crimes could be long prison sentences.

Source: New Jersey Herald, “Authorities: 6 indicted for illegal weapons sales,” April 22, 2014



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