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May 2014 Archives

Man facing 5-10 years on drug charges, other offenses

We have written before on our Union County criminal law blog about how people might be charged with crimes unrelated to those that police might initially question them about. Another incident like that happened recently in Hudson County. Police responded to a Secaucus home on a suspected domestic abuse case. However, when they arrived, they say that they found evidence that led to drug charges against a 30-year-old man.

Former Rutgers football player OK'd for diversion program

It's important for New Jersey residents to know that being charged with a serious crime is not the end of the world. Even in the face of seemingly definitive evidence, with the right legal advice, people facing serious criminal charges may be able to avoid a jail sentence -- and, in some cases, have their arrest record fully expunged if they meet certain conditions.

Man charged with drug-related weapons crimes after arrest

It goes without saying that New Jersey police officers are practically obligated to arrest someone whom they find carrying weapons illegally, possessing illegal drugs, or both. And, it goes to follow that someone in this situation might be charged with drug crimes, weapons crimes, or some combination of the two.

Snarky language gets New Jersey man in trouble with cops

There is a big difference between actions and words. Many of us say things we never intend to follow through on -- we're just trying to make a statement. However, there is a time and a place for strong words. Saying them to the wrong people could result in someone taking them literally, or at least assuming that they could be literal.

Half-dozen Newark men indicted on stolen weapons charges

Like many eastern states, New Jersey has very strong gun laws. People may even find themselves running afoul of weapons crimes even if they aren't aware that they are doing something against the law, such as collecting certain antique weapons. On other occasions, New Jersey residents might have an inkling that they are pushing up against legal boundaries with their activities involving weapons -- which is when it can be crucial to have an experienced criminal defense attorney fighting for your rights.

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