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Mother and son both facing charges over alleged grow operation

On Behalf of | Apr 18, 2014 | Drug Charges |

Sometimes, New Jersey residents can find themselves in trouble with the law stemming from charges that come about from unrelated incidents. This can catch people off guard; if police are investigating something unrelated to any kind of drug offenses, but then come across something that piques their suspicion, people might be less prepared to offer a defense.

A recent incident at an Ocean Township home shows how people can end up being charged with drug crimes that they did not anticipate. Police responded to the home because of reports of terroristic threats on the part of a 16-year-old boy living there.

When they investigated, however, police say that they found evidence in the boy’s room of marijuana growing. According to the report, officials say they found marijuana seeds, a large light fixture and several extra lightbulbs, a planter full of soil, and a glass pipe.

Upon discovering this, officials confronted the boy’s mother. According to police, she was an active participant in the operation. As a result, she was charged with several drug-related offenses, including conspiracy to distribute marijuana. The boy was charged as well, but because he is a juvenile, he was released to a family member and the charges against him will be heard in the court’s family division.

A case such as this one can threaten not just individuals, but an entire family. It is crucial for folks facing drug charges to make sure they are able to provide a vigorous and aggressive defense against those charges.

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