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Linden Police think man led chase while intoxicated

On Behalf of | Apr 8, 2014 | Drunk Driving |

Multiple jurisdictions in New Jersey are considering bringing charges against an out-of-state driver who allegedly led police on a chase through several communities early Monday morning. Law enforcement in Linden, New Jersey, claims that Lojack contacted police about the alleged theft of a Toyota in New York. An officer believes that a vehicle matching the description of the 4Runner was traveling on East Elizabeth Avenue.

Officials claim that the car crossed into Rahway, where more police joined in the pursuit. The Toyota disappeared into Woodbridge, and law enforcement called of the chase. At some point, law enforcement claims that the Toyota struck a light pole, and continued on its way.

Police say that the same car was seen heading back toward Linden a short time after it had disappeared in Woodbridge. Police eventually apprehended a man in Linden, who authorities claim had attempted to flee on foot.

The man was arrested on suspicion of DWI, a string of traffic offenses, eluding and receiving stolen property allegations. Authorities say that the man is from Iowa. He is being held in Linden on $200,000 bail. While police in Linden accuse the man of a long list of offenses, several other jurisdictions say that charges may be brought in those communities as well.

Notably, out-of-state residents who are traveling in New Jersey may be accused of a crime in the Garden State. While many New Jersey residents may be unfamiliar with how New Jersey courts handle matters, an out-of-state resident may be even more unlikely to be aware of the standards and rules recognized in the New Jersey court system.

A person facing charges has the right to be represented by a criminal defense lawyer. When multiple charges are filed — and when multiple jurisdictions in New Jersey contemplate charges — the need for representation may be more evident.

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